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Inside Winter

Pauline Van der Cruysse photographed by Julien Bernard, styled by Danielle van Camp.


Estella Brons @ Next

Staycations, tomato parties and leggings with Estella. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris + Anya Holdstock in London.


Lera Tribel @ Next

So long as Lera gets her chocolate and coffee everything will be OK. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Kelsey Owens @ Next

St Louis girl Kelsey definitely isn’t your average teenager. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Ola Rudnicka @ Next Paris

Ola’s idea of nightlife is to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Lary Arcanjo @ Next Paris

After her life as a model, Lary plans on going back to Brazil and becoming a farmer. Seriously! Photographed by Nil Hoppenot.


Vivien Ong @ Next Paris

Vivien Ong pretends to understand French TV and would like to vacation in Siberia. Photographed in Paris by Nil Hoppenot, with no retouching.


The Girls of Paris

This summer we asked the top agencies in Paris to send us their most promising new faces. These sixteen girls are the ones to watch.

Backstage with Rasa

Budding photographer Rasa Zukauskaite shares with us her Instax mini polaroids from behind the scenes of the S/S 2011 shows. This is what it’s like to be young, beautiful, and backstage. credits Photography…


credits Photography by Alice Rosati Styling & Set Design by Lubna Balazova Hair & Makeup by Linda Scholander Models Virginia & Katharina @ Next Paris

The Good One

credits Photography by Alex Brunet Styling by Hélène Starkman Hair & Makeup by Julie Mayaud Model Virginia @ Next Paris story behind the story As always inspired by the character of each model…

Olga / images courtesy Art-Podium

Olga R.

Who: Olga Rozhok, 19, from Odessa, Ukraine. Why: The Next network’s newest recruit is Olga Rozhok, a girl with a certain je ne sais quoi. Idiosyncratically beautiful yet versatile, we can see this…

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