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Alba Pistolesi @ Marilyn

Alba is dedicated to art and creation. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Estelle Girard @ Marilyn

Estelle cares about truth in the media and Japanese cuisine. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Dima Dionesov @ MGM

Dima is happiest when he has lots of work, all his loved ones are healthy, and he has enough money to buy a Dior sweater. Photographed (with no retouching!) by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Charles Bouly @ MGM Paris

Charles wants to find out more about Brazil’s girls, Thailand’s parties, and America’s burgers. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Mae Lapres @ Marilyn Paris

Mae on ants, Peggy Moffat, and her own clothing line. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Arthur De Valbray @ MGM

Arthur’s next trip will be to Senegal, and thinks it is important to experience different cultures. He gets angry about people protesting against gay marriage. Photographed in Paris by Nil Hoppenot, with no retouching.


Life Insurance

credits Photography by Nil Hoppenot Styling by Mae Lapres Model(s) Mae Lapres @ Marilyn Agency & Hervé Hoppenot With the Participation of Jean Charles De Castelbajac


The Girls of Paris

This summer we asked the top agencies in Paris to send us their most promising new faces. These sixteen girls are the ones to watch.


Portraits: Tous les garcons

Photography by Michael Epps Model(s) Christopher Michaut & Hadrian Mazelier @ Bananas, Ethan James & Yannick Sollberger @ MGM, Philipp Schmidt @ New Madison & Martin Angerbauer

Mallory / images courtesy Marilyn & Why Not


Who: Mallory Richards, 16, from Ottawa, Canada. Why: As Canada’s latest export, young Mallory has an elfin allure, and attitude to burn. Great eyes and strong features give Mallory’s sulkiness an undeniable sultriness….

Nastya / images courtesy Marilyn Agency


Who: Nastya Karzan, 16, from Siberia. Why: Siberian stunner Nastya Karzan made a very fashionably mysterious and major debut this past season – out of nowhere this thoroughly modern beauty booked a Givenchy…

Lynn / images courtesy Modelution


Who’s new in the Netherlands? Lynn Palm is the latest beautiful export. Signed with Marilyn Agency, Lynn is fresh back from Paris with some gorgeous new test shots. She’s already earned rave reviews…

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