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Issue #11 – Sinister

One of the things about fashion photography that intrigues us the most is when there is an atmosphere and underlying story to the shoot, something we just can’t put our finger on. This issue features a collection of stories containing a little mystery, something a bit off putting. From Greek myths, Japanese ghost stories, abandoned psychiatric hospitals and fallen angels to alien beings, religious fanaticism, suicidal tendencies and hell raisers, these stories are all about bad intentions.


Virgin Homicides

credits Photography by Ville Varumo Styling by Heidi Marika Urpalainen Hair & Makeup by Marii Sadrak Model(s) Saara & Teresa @ Brand Model Management



credits Photography by Romain Sellier Styling by Emeline Piot Hair by Romain Lion Makeup by Min K Model(s) Alexander Wolf & Callum Wilson @ New Madison, Alexina Graham @ Elite



credits Photography by Mark Gong @ Kess Agency Styling by Michael Scott @ LMC Worldwide Model(s) Daniel McSweeney @ Red Model Management & Zach @ Colby Models



credits Photography by Michael Morrison & Julie Saad Styling by Francis Urrutia Hair by Shingo Makeup by Christina Monita Model(s) Amanda & Julia @ Major Model Management story behind the story “The hospital…


Backyard Love

credits Photography by Ville Varumo Styling by Sakke Hytönen Hair by Marii Sadrak Model(s) Julia Johansen @ Elite London & Joseph Turnbull @ Storm Model Management story behind the story “It’s a story…



credits Photography by Frank de Graaf Styling by Amber Myhre Bosch @ Angelique Hoorn Agency Hair & Makeup by Anita Jolles @ Touche for Sisley Cosmetics Model(s) Isabeau @ Tjarda Model Management



credits Photography by Wilkosz & Way Styling by Leah Van Loon Hair & Makeup by Alicja Wilkosz using MAC and Bumble&Bumble Model(s) Aleisia Arkley @ Mode Models & Ania Boniecka @ Next Canada…


A Life of the Night

credits Photography by Kristiina Wilson Styling by Mengly @ Marnie Rose Hair & Makeup by Margina Dennis for Yaby Cosmetics @ Introartists Model(s) Ilona Struzik



credits Photography & Art Direction by Nikolai de Vera Clothing by Yuyu Shiratori (except for shoes, by Aldo) Hair by Stefani Annaliese Makeup by Vanessa Perez Model(s) Kelly Mittendorf @ The Agency Arizona…


Home Alone

credits Photography by Simon B. Mørch Styling by Oliver Fussing Makeup by May Naes Model(s) Elise Lou @ UNIQUE DENMARK Set Design by Benjamin Monrad


Only Skin

credits Photography & Art Direction by daveyiphoto Styling by Carrie Weidner Hair & Manicure by Kyra Dorman Makeup by Heather Heiman Model(s) Anastasia Krivosheeva @ Women Direct Assisted by Jason Kemp & John…

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