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Agatha Louisette @ ReQuest

After her modelling career Agatha sees herself living near the beach back home in Puerto Rico and eating plenty of ice cream. Photographed by Ira Chernova in NYC.


Rachel Nutt @ IMG

Southern belle Rachel reminisces about meeting Ariel and her high school days. Photographed by Ira Chernova in New York City.



Esmeralda Reynolds photographed by Ira Chernova, styled by Anastasia Patellis.


Marley Chapman @ ReQuest

Marley is working on his irrational fears. Photographed by Ira Chernova in New York City.


Bryn English @ Wilhelmina

Bryn on pediatrics, Minnie Mouse, and Los Angeles. Photographed by Ira Chernova in New York City.


Ira Chernova @ Request

A model and photographer with a degree in Engineering, Ira is a girl of many talents. Photographed by Cate Underwood in New York City.


Simone Carvalho @ Ford

After modeling Simone would like to become a mother… maybe. Photographed by Ira Chernova in New York City.


Cate Underwood @ New York Models

Multi-talented Cate is amazing both in front and behind the camera. Photographed by Ira Chernova in New York.


Justin Passmore @ New York Models

As a kid Justin, aka Tinman, wanted to be Jimi Hendrix. Photographed by Ira Chernova in New York City.


Cameron Gentry @ DNA

Cameron is from Torrance, California, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in three minutes. After modelling he’s going to become a musician. Photographed by Ira Chernova.


Nicola Wincenc @ Request NY

Nicola Wincenc plays the French horn, recommends two bands you should check out, and reveals a childhood encounter with Pope John Paul II. Photographed in New York City by Ira Chernova.


A Month In Polaroids

Pretty and gritty: photographer & model Ira Chernova spent a month shooting some of New York’s finest models in our favourite format: the Polaroid. credits Photography by Ira Chernova Styling (where noted) by…

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