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Julia Suszfalak @ IMG

Ambitious Julia has Columbia in her sights. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


Franciska Gall @ IMG

Franciska dreams of a billboard campaign. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.


The Girls of Paris

This summer we asked the top agencies in Paris to send us their most promising new faces. These sixteen girls are the ones to watch.


Who: Ag, 16, from Poland. Why: With her perfectly formed face and mesmerizing grey eyes, Ag is definitely a girl to watch. Discovered by a Polish fashion designer and recently signed to IMG…

Vanessa / images courtesy Place Models

Vanessa H.

Who: Vanessa Hegelmaier, from Hamburg, Germany. Why: A mathematics student from Hamburg, the numbers are all adding up for Vanessa. With a strong first show season behind her, Vanessa is off to an…

Gabriela / images courtesy Yes Model Management


Gabriela Dragomir is a 15 year old Romanian girl recently discovered by Gal Golan at Yes Model Management. Now signed to IMG worldwide, Gabriela is being launched into the model stratosphere via London…

Ester / images courtesy MIKAs


Judging by the current state of the catwalks, Sweden is so hot right now. Living up to Sweden’s reputation for producing stellar models is Gothenburg girl Ester Apelskog, 16. Ester’s looks are iconic…

Jenny / images courtesy IMG Paris


Jenny Sinkaberg is the quintessential angel with a dark side. Discovered by Team Models Oslo, this Norwegian nymph is already in hot demand. Signed with IMG Worldwide, expect to see this modern beauty…

Camille / images courtesy Dominique Models


Belgium’s Camille Ringoir, 16, was discovered in a supermarket in a seaside town when she was just 13. With Dominique Models as her mother agency and signed to IMG worldwide, Camille has the…

Samara / images courtesy L


Another IMG coup is sixteen year old Samara Sales. This Afro-Brasileira princess scores an A for amazing. Her regal beauty and fierceness equips Samara with the ability to take over the universe! View…

Ivanka / images courtesy PH Model Management


Ivanka Jaluvkova, 17 year old Czech lass, has come up trumps already in Japan, where she’s placed with Donna Models. Also with IMG Paris and Priscilla’s in Sydney, next year Ivanka is set for international success. View Ivanka’s profile.

Christine / images courtesy Figaro Models


Christine Korchagina‘s self confidence shines through even though she’s quite young. With haughty elegance, once Christine is matched up with the right stylists she’ll be good to go. No, she’ll be great. View Christine’s profile.

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