Alex wants to be more than a model. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles.

Dorian on being ticklish and breaking pencils. Photographed by Jenna Putnam in New York.

Backstage at Trussardi Autumn/Winter 2014/15 by Paolo Simi.

Zhanna Brass photographed by Nicole Demeshik, styled by Vera Salikova.

Pauline Van der Cruysse photographed by Julien Bernard, styled by Danielle van Camp.

Andy Walters photographed by Ricardo Gomes, styled by James K. Thomas.

André Kherwald & Pedro Bertolini photographed by Giacomo Cosua, styled by Fabio Ferraris.

Lisa photographed by Dirk Kikstra, styled by Inge de Lange.

Stasya likes sugar packets, Special Agent Dale Cooper, and Sailor Moon. Photographed by Irina Slipchenko in Moscow.

Noma on aggressive childhood games and travelling. Photographed by Jenna Putnam in New York.

Ella Verberne photographed by Sam Nixon, styled by Sebastian Hunt & Dylan Richards.

Kern Charles photographed by Que Duong, styled by Javon Drake.

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