Lisa photographed by Dirk Kikstra, styled by Inge de Lange.

Stasya likes sugar packets, Special Agent Dale Cooper, and Sailor Moon. Photographed by Irina Slipchenko in Moscow.

Noma on aggressive childhood games and travelling. Photographed by Jenna Putnam in New York.

Ella Verberne photographed by Sam Nixon, styled by Sebastian Hunt & Dylan Richards.

Kern Charles photographed by Que Duong, styled by Javon Drake.

Name: Que Duong Year of Birth: 1987 Nationality: Asian-American Based…

Name: Javon Drake Year of Birth: 1984 Nationality: American Based…

Name: Kisha Williams Nationality: American Based in: New York Website:…

Emma Champtaloup photographed by Ben Fink Shapiro, styled by Nicholas Whitehouse.

Staycations, tomato parties and leggings with Estella. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris + Anya Holdstock in London.

Abiah on being butt naked in Jamaica and independent Brazilian film. Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan.

Alex Pierce and Florian DesBiendras photographed by Riccardo Dubitante, styled by Claudio Massimo Bui.

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