Isac, Jordan, Mårten & Dennis photographed by Lars Brønseth, styled by Josefine Skomars.

Tamila has two nicknames and both of them are chocolate-based. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles.

The Fazzini twins dream about becoming actors and remember their best birthday party ever. Photographed by Didio in Sao Paulo

Trissan, Amy, Maja and Grace photographed by Bex Day, styled by Patricia Villirillo

Isabelle and Jordan photographed by Federico Ferrari, styled by Maria Clara Tripier.

Linus Gustin photographed by Filippo Thiella, styled by Alessandra Macri.

Nick Rea photographed by Markus Ziegler, styled by Eric Launder, art direction by Audie Umali

Una photographed by Erica Fava, styled by Daria Cimoroni

Celia, Mila and Suzanne photographed by Carolina Amoretti, styled by Yosephine Melfi.

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