Guillaume, Laurent and Maarten photographed by Kay Smith, styled by Aurore Donguy.

Isac, Jordan, Mårten & Dennis photographed by Lars Brønseth, styled by Josefine Skomars.

Isabelle and Jordan photographed by Federico Ferrari, styled by Maria Clara Tripier.

Linus Gustin photographed by Filippo Thiella, styled by Alessandra Macri.

Nick Rea photographed by Markus Ziegler, styled by Eric Launder, art direction by Audie Umali

Marc Sebastian Faiella photographed by Toshinao Kumakura, styled by Takahiro Yaguchi

Yann photographed by Christian Rinke, styled by Stéphane Gaboué.

Derrick photographed by Andre Titcombe, styled by George Alvin

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