Love, Hate, Politics, Money & Some Fun

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Bridging the gap between hardcore and haute couture is Norman “Nockout” Theuerkorn, an up and coming rapper turned male model. While there are few similarities between Norman’s birthplace of East Germany, home of the Peaceful Revolution, and Compton, USA, the birthplace of gangsta rap, for Norman growing up in Halle was no picnic. Drawing inspiration from his own personal struggle – a story that is not only tattooed all over him, but also echoed in his lyrics – Norman is ultimately influenced by the same themes we so regularly come across in the fashion industry: LOVE, HATE, POLITICS, MONEY & SOME FUN.


Photography by Amos Fricke
Styling by Alessandra Coico
Hair & Grooming by Catrin Kreyss
Model(s) Norman Theuerkorn @ Izaio