Photography by Francesca Jane Allen
Art Direction & Styling by Alexandra Moon-Age
Co-Styling by Jaclyn Bethany
Hair by Nissim Zvi Adri
Makeup by Suzy Rycroft using MAC
Model(s) Megan & Kathryn @ M+P
Stylists’ Assistant Sophie Gaten
Location Thames Barrier Park

story behind the story

“This story was inspired by the Modernism art movement, particularly the works which utilised hard edged painting, colour field and other forms of geometric abstraction by the likes of Piet Mondrian and Theo Van Doesburg. These styles had a significant influence on fashion during the 1960′s, for example knowing the flat planes of the canvases achieved by contemporary artists , Yves Saint Laurent made the historical case for the artistic sensibility of his time with the iconic ‘Mondrian shift dress’.

Modernist artists were influenced by the development of modern industrial societies and the rapid growth of cities. Following this machine aesthetic, modernist designers typically rejected decorative motifs in design, preferring to emphasize the materials used and pure geometrical forms. We chose Thames Barrier Park as the location for this shoot for its modernist beauty, there is an emphasis on simplicity and clarity of form in the grooming of the hedges in the garden and surrounding architecture. There is a strange and beautiful collision of the natural environment and man made environment that we thought would be perfect for this theme.” – Alexandra Moon-Age