The Boys of Montague



Photography by Hayley Louisa Brown
Styling by Gary Armstrong
Grooming by Kenny Leung
Model(s) Jed Texas & Jonny Alderton @ Elite London, Wilson @ FM Agency & Greg @ Next London

story behind the story

We were particularly inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of Romeo + Juliet. The theme ‘sense of belonging’ is apparent in multiple areas of the film and was something we wanted to carry through in the editorial, specifically through the idea of a gang. As well as putting together our own gang of boys, the styling too was very much about being part of a unit. We tried really hard to put together a group of boys with strong personalities that would make the gang seem authentic. The boys were running around the communal garden playing with a Bunny Rabbit that belonged to another tenant in the building. Not very fitting with the gang member personas they were meant to embody. ” – Hayley Louisa Brown