Hill St Hound Dogs



Photography & Styling by Conan Thai
Hair by Kelsey Petersen & Ashley Gannon
Makeup by Sharon Thompson & Ashley Gannon
Model(s) Alexandra Papadopoulos @ Next LA, Breanna Box & Sydney Roper @ Photogenics
Special Thanks to Takato Matsuno & Rob Michel for lending us their cars and to Bun-N Burgers in Alhambra for their french fries.

story behind the story

“My home town of Garden Grove is steeped in such nostalgia for the 1950s and I’ve always wanted to shoot it. Besides the antique car show that happens every Friday and the innumerable old houses and diners close by, there’s such a strong sense of longing for southern California’s rockabilly past. For casting, I found models with a certain edge or attitude to them. All I had to do was give them clothes and weapons to let everything else fall into place.” – Conan Thai