Portraits: Michelene

  • featuredtext: Photography Holly Falconer / Styling Celia-Jane Ukwenya / Model Michelene
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Photography by Holly Falconer
Styling by Celia-Jane Ukwenya
Model(s) Michelene @ Models 1
Location Hackney, London

story behind the story

“‘Black and white’ was our chosen theme for this shoot. Firstly, I’m very interested in shooting more non-white models – agencies are usually depressingly mostly Caucasian. Secondly, this concept was obviously visual – not only did Celia stick with monochrome styling, I also played with juxtaposing saturated images with pared-down black and white photographs. ‘Black and white’ implies simplicity too. I wanted the shoot to be about simple portraits of Michelene, so we took the shoot down to basics – no hair or make up, just clean skin and very simple lighting.”