• featuredtext: Photography Nikolai de Vera / Clothing Yuyu Shiratori / Model Kelly Mittendorf


Photography & Art Direction by Nikolai de Vera
Clothing by Yuyu Shiratori (except for shoes, by Aldo)
Hair by Stefani Annaliese
Makeup by Vanessa Perez
Model(s) Kelly Mittendorf @ The Agency Arizona
Photographer Assisted by Tazmin Watson
Special Thanks to Anthony Chambers & Serwaa Adu-Tutu

story behind the story

“Yuurei is a Japanese word that could be translated as a soul wandering back on earth in order to seek revenge. They are usually distinct by the fact that their deaths were so brutal and the pain is strong enough to tie them to the living world. These have been characterized by modern Japanese horror films that I’ve grown to love. The premise I gave the team was a princess who gets murdered and comes back as the spirit of a lion to haunt her killers. We’ve adapted elements from the Noh theater and Japanese mysticism, bringing the ghost to life.” – Nikolai de Vera