This road will never end.

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  • featuredtext: Child of the night: Jamie Richards gets his hustle on in this story photographed by Nicholas Bentham with vintage clothing styled by Hannah Mort.
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Photography by Nicholas Bentham
Styling by Hannah Mort using vintage
Makeup by Jenny Gooding
Model Jamie @ d1 Model Management

story behind the story

“This was the last time anyone might [be able to] use this location. We had looked at the rooftop access the day of casting, it seemed fine and legit. On the day of the shoot we headed up and found that someone had placed a bolt on the door, the only option was to climb through a window and shimmy up a wall, equipment and clothing included.
Once up we took advantage of the sunlight before the clouds set in. Jamie was a great choice, not only an excellent talent and so incredibly young, but witty, bright and an excellent climber with little fear of heights. The next day the window, door and any other conceivable roof access had been locked tight, bolted and welded shut.
We wanted to portray the street boy, hustling to make a living, life on the road. A grown boy not yet a man, but with questions that need answers.” Nicholas Bentham