The Southern Threat

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  • featuredtext: Go wild in the country: Tomas, Juan Manuel and Jonathan form a tribe in this story shot in the Argentinian countryside by Rodrigo Carmuega, styled by Vale Polnoroff. Right over El Topo!
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Photography by Rodrigo Carmuega | Styling by Vale Polnoroff | Hair & Makeup by Ivana Kiss | Models Tomas, Jonathan and Juan Manuel @ Hype Management | Location Villa Mima, Argentina

story behind the story

The photographer and stylist were inspired by not only the Aboriginal Argentinian tribes but also the influence that modern cultures have had on Argentina’s people. Referencing the work of George Miller and Alejandro Jodorowsky, they cast three boys with looks harmonious enough to resemble a tribe but with strong enough features and personalities to make an impact individually. The location was the stripped down Argentinian countryside, where the land is flat and open, and nothing seems to have changed in a long time.