Video Polaroid Project // Part 1

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  • featuredtext: Adding a new dimension to the 'model polaroid', photographer Dennison Bertram has set out to make short films featuring every model on the boards of Elite Milan. This first part of a continuing series features Daniela Freitas, Julija Steponaviciute, Yannick Sollberger & Ziga Trkulja.
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“The idea behind the project was to create a new dimension to the idea of the ‘polaroid’. Of course, many of the agencies don’t actually use polaroids anymore and somehow the digital ‘snaps’ don’t really quite capture the personality of the models in the same way. The models are filmed just being natural, how they are. There is minimal styling, normally just a body suit, leggings or whatever the model is wearing if they have something cool. There is almost never any makeup or other styling, so it’s all really true to the model themselves – their personality. It’s not a regular ‘model video’ where the girls walk around, say their name, talk about their agency. It’s really like a short film just about them. ” – Dennison Bertram

Video by Dennison Bertram | Models All @ Elite Milan

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Daniela Freitas

Music: Fly Me Away – Goldfrapp

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Yannick Sollberger

Music: Mirando – Ratatat | Styling Veronica Mazziotta

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Julija Steponaviciute

Music: Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Ziga Trkulja

Music: The Sinner in Me – Depeche Mode | Styling Veronica Mazziotta