Not one without the other

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  • featuredtext: Feeling bromantic: Felix & Mattias photographed by Johnny Kangasniemi and styled by Sakke Hytönen, working and playing together as only real pals can.
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Photography by Johnny Kangasniemi
Styling by Sakke Hytönen
Makeup by Pari Damani @ Agent Bauer
Model(s) Felix Badmans & Mattias S @ Stockholmsgruppen

story behind the story

The central inspiration for this shoot was the “brotherhood-phenomenon”, and the bond between men standing up for each other, getting closer to each other while keeping a strange but compelling distance. Photographer Johnny and stylist Sakke traveled to Stockholm from Finland to do the shoot, and used the hostel they stayed in as the location.
Originally supposed to shoot three guys, in the end it came down to only Mattias and Felix, and just as well – the location was so tiny that no more than two people in could fit in a frame. Johnny says that it was one of the most challenging shoots he’s done so far, due to the super small location and the lack of options it brought with it. The resulting images, however, made the day spent in a five square metre room completely worthwhile.