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  • featuredtext: Fire, I'll take you to learn: Luke Worrall and Rachel Blais star in the second installment of a three story series focusing on colour. Photographed by Dimitris Theocharis, styled by Charles Adesanya.
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Photography by Dimitris Theocharis | Fashion Editor Charles Adesanya
Hair by Hamilton Stansfield | Makeup by Norah Nona using DIOR | Photographer’s Assistant Sohrab Vahdat
Models Rachel Blais @ Premier & Luke Worrall @ d1 | Special Thanks to Ioannis Dimitrousis and Norman Rene Devera for their outstanding contributions

story behind the story
Amber is the second instalment of a trilogy focusing on colour. This time photographer Dimitris Theocharis wanted to create a narrative sequence of images, set in a warmer atmosphere than that of the first story in the series, Indigo. The shoot was partially lit by candles, and focusing on the colours of amber and of fire, Dimitris looked to the mating habits of lions, native America, Billy Idol, the work of Francis Bacon and classic Hollywood big screen romances for inspiration. Searching for models with light classical features and dynamic characters that simultaneously could be powerful and vulnerable, Dimitris decided to cast Luke and Rachel, who fit perfectly. The day of the shoot was long and eventful, but to divulge more than that would be revealing too much.