Black Dementia


Photography by Mous Lamrabat
Styling by Lisa Lapauw
Hair by Sigrid Volders
 for Chanel & Kevin Murphy
Model(s) An Oost @ Dominique

story behind the story

“We’ve known An for a long time, but most of all as a good friend and as a mother of two, dividing her time between her Bed and Breakfast, her husband and two kids, and the books and urban art shop they own, Toykyo. When we realised that it was a shame that we never worked with her as a model before, we organised a shoot with her as the main character, because in the end, she can never retire. When you put a camera on her, you are blown away by her striking and unique personality. We’ve known that from shoots from the past we had seen, but we’ve never exploited the fact that it could be just a fun day with friends, hanging out, playing dress up in this old atmospheric house and creating cool images. So we wanted classy and humor, because that’s what fits Ans’ character. The photographer and I (the stylist) have been working on our free works for a couple of months now and we are on the exact same wavelength when it comes to catching the vibe, trying to put down an image that is not so much controlled, but a picture that is obtained just by putting the right ingredients together and trying to create a nice mood on the set. A fitting styling and a very talented make up and hair artist, and then you see that it works out just by itself. 
For the shoot we wanted an old house with a spirit and a soul, so we found a litlle castle that houses refugees for the moment. All the authentic decorations are still there but it’s residents have changed from lords who used to own it until they died, to refugee families from countries in political troubles. 
So the families that lived there were very curious and wanted to see what we were doing. They even asked for a portrait so we photographed the whole family. We made some polaroids and they weren’t too shy to ask some more until every one of them was satisfied with the way they were photographed. 
When they fried some chickenw ings, the whole castle smelled like fried food. So the gap between the ancient history of the house and the present is pretty big now.” – Lisa Lapauw