Dima Dionesov @ MGM



Name: Dimitry “Dima” Dionesov
Agency: Marilyn Agency
Hometown: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Nickname: Dima

What does ‘happiness’ mean to you? Happiness is when you wake up and realize that you are in demand, when you 
have a lot of work, when you are busy and your work makes you happy. All the
 closest people around me are healthy, and of course, when you have a money
 to buy a sweater from Dior :)

Do you have any fears? I have a lot of fears! :D Although people who know me, never believe it 
:) After shooting with a great photographer Nil Hoppenot, I realized that 
I have a fear of heights, as the first shot took place on the roof of a 
six floor building. And I’m afraid of the crazy rides like the roller coaster, but I
 can never resist the chance to try something new in order to kill all the
 fear in myself. In general, for Russian people it is unusual to be afraid of
 something, it’s better to be the one who makes people fear you. :))

What would you like to do with your life? This is a difficult question, definitely no easy way out, so I will try to
 answer :) I began to think about this question more recently, and only now 
realized that modeling is the first step in my career, which helps me to
 realize who I really want to to become in my life. I will not reveal all 
the secrets for now, but I can make a hint that maybe soon you’ll be 
reading a book or articles by very talented writer Dima Dionesov :)

the booker says

If I needed to describe Dima in one word it would be determination. Dima is always happy to work which is one of the biggest weapons in this industry. He loves to meet and be around people. I’m sure that the strength of his character and his interesting face will get him very far.
- Sara Ghazi Tabatabai @ MGM

Photography by Nil Hoppenot
Special thanks to Sara Ghazi Tabatabai @ MGM Paris.
Images have not been retouched.