Tsheca White @ Nathalie



Name: Tsheca White
Agency: Nathalie Models
Hometown: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Nickname: Trinny

What do you like about this job? What I like most is doing shows and travelling because it gives you such a rush to be moving around so fast in such a short time. It’s amazing!
What’s your biggest fear? Losing myself. I go home as much as I can, which is not a lot, but it helps!
Describe yourself in 3 words: Calm, sweet, thoughtful.

the booker says

The stunning beauty with flawless features from Jamaica.  She is a favorite among casting directors not only for her looks but personality and her infectious smile which can simply light up a room.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with.
- Xavier Girodon, Nathalie Paris

Photography by Nil Hoppenot
Special thanks to Xavier Girodon @ Nathalie.