Jonathan Nielssen, model

Name: Jonathan Nielssen Year of Birth: 1991 Nationality: Norwegian Based in: New York Instagram: @jonathanielsson Representation: VNY – New York, Fashion – Italy, Elite – London, Heartbreak – Norway Inspirations/Influences: Music is a…

Ira Chernova, photographer/model

Ira Chernova, photographer/model

Name: Ira Chernova Nationality: Russian Based in: NYC Website: www.ichernova.com Blog: chernova.tumblr.com Representation: Inspirations/Influences: mood swings and will to achieve more Three people you would love to work with: Jack White, Hieronymus Bosch,…

Farah Holt, model

Farah Holt, model

Name: Farah Holt Year of Birth: 1991 Nationality: British Based in: London Representation: Union Models Inspirations/Influences: janis joplin, emily bronte Three people you would love to work with: ellen von unwerth, alejandro jodorowsky,…

Sarah Bunter, art/casting

Sarah Bunter, casting/art director

Name: Sarah Bunter Year of Birth: 1979 Nationality: British Based in: NY Website: http://look-back-at-me.tumblr.com Inspirations/Influences: All you lot who never stop… Three people you would love to work with: Mike Mills, Marvin Gaye…


Gwen Lu, model

Name: Gwen Lu Nationality: Malaysian-Chinese Based in: New York Blog: Facebook Representation: Major Model Management Inspirations/Influences: Haruki Murakami, Miroslav Tichy. Three people you would love to work with: David Lynch, Paolo Roversi, Andrej…

Prince Peter, designer/stylist

Prince Peter, designer/stylist

Name: Prince Peter Year of Birth: 1985 Nationality: Mixed Based in: NYC Website: www.jacobdekat.com Inspirations/Influences: Sex, drugs & rock’n’roll Three people you would love to work with: David Bowie, Prince, Mick Jagger Who…

Munzer Hodayfa, retoucher

Munzer Hodayfa, retoucher

Name: Munzer Hodayfa Year of Birth: 1987 Nationality: Syrian/Algerian Based in: Copenhagen Representation: Wetouch Imagework Inspirations/Influences: Alejandro Jodorowsky, David Cronenberg & Neil Krug to name a few. Development in youth cultures, music, friends…

Zakir Mahsoud, art director

Zakir Maqsood, art director

Name: Zakir Maqsood (Ziz) Year of Birth: 1985 Nationality: Pakistani Based in: Barcelona Website: StopStealingMyLook.com Representation: Stop Stealing My Look Inspirations/Influences: Faces, sketches and all the lines in between that go unnoticed. Three…


septantesept, photographer/production

Names: Kris De Smedt (photographer) + Stephanie Van Maele (production) Years of Birth: 1977 (Kris), 1979 (Stephanie) Nationalities: Belgian Based In: Belgium Website: www.septantesept.com Representation: C’est Chic Inspirations/Influences: I like to be inspired…

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