Alexandra Moon-Age, stylist

Alexandra Moon-Age, stylist

Name: Alexandra Moon-Age
Year of Birth: 1987
Nationality: Australian
Based in: London
Website: www.moon-age.net
Blog: blog.moon-age.net
Representation: Freelance

Shameless self expression, the theater, androgyny, magik, camp and kitsch, the 60′s psychedelic movement (and resulting art, music, fashion, happenings), London!

Three people you would love to work with:
Would love to style/art direct music videos with flamboyant/ experimental musicians such as Sion, Geneva Jaccuzzi or Grimes.

Who do you think is one to watch?
I have trouble naming one… lots of good talent flourishing… I really love working with imaginative and ambitious youngin’s like Fran (the photographer for Modernism), Elle Hardwick and Louie Banks, My best friend Josef Salvat is an amazing musician so keep an eye out for him also…