Dimitris Theocharis, photographer

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Dimitris Theocharis, photographer
Name: Dimitris Theocharis
Year of Birth: 1977
Nationality: Greek/American
Based in: London
Website: www.dimitristheocharis.com

It’s hard to narrow down what inspires me, it’s everything and at the same time nothing… for the Indigo story I looked at the era of enchainment, Rorschach’s drawings, Francis Bacon, Picasso’s blue period, textured lightning, electronic soundscapes, jelly fish (medusa) etc..

Three people you would love to work with:
Alexander Vauthier, Sasha Pivovarova, Tom Ford and a million more.

Who do you think is one to watch?
Apart from me? ;) Ioannis Dimitrousis (Fashion Designer)